Thursday 20 August 2009


It's been a busy summer and I have been very remiss in leaving my blog unattended and out of date for so long.
However a recent trip to Iona will bring my blog back up to date!
Iona is a tiny island situated just off the coast of Mull. We stayed in the Abbey, and for one week lived as part of the Iona community
We ate in the dining room together with friends. We shared the daily tasks
We had time to wander round the Abbey
and explore the island, just one and a half miles wide by three and a half miles long!
drying onions!

There were seaweed eating sheep
and chubby tame lambs
wild flower meadows
and rock pools to peer in - crystal clear and blue
The highlight for me was a boat trip out to Staffa
The Cormorants (or were they Shags?) came to wave us off, as did the seals but my pictures didn't quite turn out!

Fingal's cave on the island of Staffa made famous by Mendelssohn's Hebridean overture
Looking in
and looking out
outside was where the real beauty lay - mainly because due to a technical hitch getting my camera settings wrong! my inside cave pictures went the same way as my seal pictures!
A doodle bug!
                                   I couldn't look down, I lay on my tummy and could only look out!
This is yet another spectacular part of the highlands and a 'must' place to visit.


Diane said...

Wow! Now I see why I've had to wait for a new blog! Looks fantstic! Wish I was there! I feel I'm in need of a holiday immediately. Brilliant photography!

annie hoff said...

Hello Diane
Thank you for your kind comments re: my photography - I'm still on a huge learning curve! Robin (oldest son) has been very helpful in enlightening his mother on apertures f.stops and shutter speeds!
You'd love the Inner Hebrides it really is very lovely. White sandy beaches, blue sea and lots of wild life.

Anonymous said...

Very envious I would love to visit Iona!!!. Great photographs, thank you for sharing. Love Jackie

annie hoff said...

Yes Jackie,Iona is certainly very
special - well worth a visit - though difficult to reach! Two ferry crossings joined by thirty eight miles of single track road. A step back in time with no cars except for residents and tradesmen.

Pat Burke said...

Great Stuff!
I am a regular fan

Pat Burke (ex Nuffield)

annie hoff said...

Oh wow, Pat - how exciting! I'd no idea you looked at my blog! How lovely to hear from you.

Em said...

Hi Ann, i'm here with my Dad and we think your blog is great. Glad to see the sun shined for your trip - Iona looks amazing. My Dad says 'your photography is really good!' and he's glad you've now got a SLR. I think he's a bit jealous as your photos are better than his! Can't wait to see you. Lots of love Em and Peter xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lucille said...

What a terrific place - great taster - thanks for a lovely tour. I had no idea that Fingal's Cave was 'ours' so to speak. I'm off to listen to the full piece now, I think it might be good ironing music!

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