Sunday, 11 September 2016


This is quite the most perfect garden! With quite the most perfect views.The couple living here built the house and the garden themselves. The description of the garden can be found here The owner is also the gardener at Dundonnell House.  He must be terribly busy. Once we'd marvelled at the garden and flowers we couldn't remember the names of, we wandered into the polytunnels. Apples and perfect pears and nectarines and strawberries and tomatoes and every kind of vegetable and fruit. And then there were the honey bees and lovely coloured hens...and as for the tea and cakes! We started with apple cake because that's sort of somehow good for you, but it seemed bad manners  after they had gone to so much trouble not to have a cream meringue. It was a truly enjoyable day and a garden I didn't realise was there so it was a very happy discovery!

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

September sun

Achnahaird beach. Lovely in the early autumn sun. It was warm enough to swim...if you dared! Instead we left the beach and followed the river that flows into the sea

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Out in the hills

Ben More Coigach seen from Ardmair Bay
Looking over to the Summer Isles
There are an awful lot of 'ups'
but fabulous views
We live down there and round the corner at the end of the loch
We stick to the track bypassing the scrambling and climbing bits. It's the difference between 'falling down'
...and 'falling off'!
Stac Pollaidh and Suilven in the distance
The CalMac ferry arriving in Ullapool from Stornoway in the outer Hebrides
I look back at the rainbow. Rain and sun, and at this point the midges became pests! Covered in Smidge we avoid becoming their evening meal, but there were swarms of them!
Intense light 
The car comes into sight, it still seems a long way off..
I'm sorry this is an awfully long post. I didn't post it yesterday as it has taken me so long to edit it! I took hundreds of pictures and I've left out loads on here. You can always skim over them. If you're not really keen on hill walking they'll all look pretty much the same I expect! Thursday was the day the electricity board cut off the electricity in the area. Working on overhead cables I think. We had the whole day, the sun shone and no computer work. We've wanted to do this walk for ages Ben More Coigach this link will give a very detailed account of the route much better than I could. I just walked along taking pictures, mainly of Niels from behind!
It was the best day. There is something so restful, exhilarating and amazing being out in the hills. The feel good factor is huge. I could never find that in a gym. This concentrates my mind like nothing else can and empties it. Puts me in the 'now' if you see what I mean? 
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