Saturday 19 September 2009

The weekly shop

Yesterday I drove to Tesco in Dingwall. Dingwall is forty miles from here and in the direction of Inverness. There is a Tesco in Ullapool, but it's tiny and sometimes, most times, not enough. On the way to Dingwall I drive past Rogie Falls

In the time we have lived here I have only visited Rogie Falls once. Yesterday I stopped the car

and followed the woodland trail down to the waterfall


This was  more enjoyable than pushing the old trolley up and down the supermarket aisles. Is it my age? I'm beginning to find supermarket shelves full of things I don't understand. Looking for black olives (they'd moved to the tea and coffee section) I picked up a tin of 'jerk paste' in the continental food section. What is it? What's it for?  It isn't something you put in shepherds pie.

Nothing so puzzling here, just me and the sunshine, mossy mounds and heathers       

There is just the merest suggestion of autumn beginning. The days (when not raining or stormy) have a softness. The urgency of spring and the long days of summer have passed. There is a maturity to autumn as it slowly makes way for winter. The combine harvesters have been busy and soon there will  be blackberries to pick.

I could have whiled away the day here, playing with the camera, and shutter speeds, getting things in and out of focus, but eventually I came back in to the real world and got some shopping done. It always amazes me that I lug all the shopping home, spend ages putting it away only to find there still isn't anything for supper!


Lucille said...

That is such a familiar conundrum - full trolley? no supper. But how amazing to have a drive like that. Mine is all mini roundabouts, traffic lights and emergency vehicles swerving round you.

Lucille said...

That was meant to be an oblique, not a question mark.

annie hoff said...

An oblique, or even an equals sign! I've had years of practice but still the fuller the trolley the less chance of supper!
Yes,it is a beautiful drive. I never tire of it. There are thirty miles without roundabouts, left or right hand turns, traffic lights or t-junctions. Sometimes I drive forty miles with neither a car in front nor behind - truly amazing!

Lucille said...

Bliss! But perhaps also a little scary in winter or on a dark night if you run out of petrol. (Oh dear trust me to think of the worst that can happen).

annie hoff said...

My biggest worry is breaking down at night with no mobile phone signal! I've started to get more sensible and now carry a spare can of petrol - garages are few and far between!

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