Tuesday 5 January 2010

Wrapping up and packing up!

It's cold and very snowy

and icy

The temperature gauge on the car read  -13c on a journey recently into Inverness

The snow first fell on December 18th and has continued on and off ever since.

Inside it's warm and cosy. It's twelfth night and the Christmas decorations must come down. Some people take the decorations down on Boxing Day but that's because they put them up in September!  

Not us. We were still hurtling bits and bobs and baubles at the tree on Christmas Eve and hoping we would be in time for Christmas

a strange mixture of homemade things


little pixies that come and help or maybe hinder. In Denmark you give them porridge on Christmas eve - with or without porridge they were plonked on the tree along with our more 'grown up' decorations


danish flags

and candles which are so magical when lit, normally on Christmas day, with a bucket of water placed nearby - just in case!

And the effect of all that Christmas Eve hurtling. A sort of mish mash of many happy memories, of little bits and pieces some looking tired but nevertheless on the tree they must go.
Now they are taken down and packed away until next year



Anonymous said...

Hi Ann

Happy New Year to you both. It certainly looks cold on the outside but your house looks very warm. The snow is now falling in Surrey, I wonder what it will be like in the morning!! I have ordered my weekly shopping online this week in case it gets really bad!

Keep well, keep warm, Love Jackie.

S. Etole said...

I miss the reds and greens of Christmas but January has its own beauty found in blue and white

Unknown said...

Ooooooh your wood burner and floor look gorgeous :o) I hope you're ok up there, the man on the radio said it was -20 overnight a few nights ago. How are the neighbours bearing up? Is Edith warm enough? Of course, she'll be able to tell tales of when it was much colder, I'm sure.

Lot of love to Niels too

xx Em, Dan and Olek

annie hoff said...

Hello Em and Dan and Olek!
We're bearing up well and the fire is wonderful! Edith is away at present visiting family in England and here in Scotland. But you've had masses of snow ans still more to come I believe? Has Olek built his first snowman yet?! xx

Unknown said...

Hi Hoffs, very glad to hear that you're both well. No snowman as yet but Olek looks very puzzled as to why everything has turned white and why he has to wear so any clothes now to go for a walk. I love the snow but I think that's because I get to play all day and have everything within walking distance. Dan's a bit miffed, he urgently needs to get his hands back on some rock.


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