Tuesday 10 May 2011

This year's theme

I can't help but notice that fellow blogger's blogs at the moment are full of wonderful and beautiful photos of their gardens and all the lovely flowers presently in bloom.
Not wanting to be outdone, I shall show a few of mine! If you squint and look up closely you can see some bluebells. This Spring, the theme is bluebells, buttercups, one or two poppies lots of bracken and a fern!
and a foxglove or two, but they're not in flower yet
the welsh poppy is though
and seems quite at home in the muddle that is our garden. Maybe it's like that in Wales too?!
The bluebell theme continues down through the garden but once in the wild wood away from the protection of the fence, the bluebells take on a  'sat on' look. The sheep like to sit here during the evenings, chewing and ruminating on the nature of existence,  and other things that sheep like to do - constantly, I sometimes think.
Further down still, where the trees overhang and shut out much of the light the wild garlic is just coming into flower
The burn, which, at the moment is empty makes an ideal home for the wild garlic and it creeps over the damp mossy and  rocky bed which just a week or two ago was full of water rushing down on its way to join the loch.
A casual throwaway branch is all the rage this year in the garden don't you know!
 Between us we've dug out masses of rushes which overrun this garden - they still do
and we're still at it and as fast as we dig, the faster they reappear. The plan is not to let them seed and by digging them out we hope to weaken them, and win the war!
On a footnote our neighbour told me the other day that when she was a little girl she used to come onto our land, long before we plonked a house on it, and pick the wild flowers - she won first prize at her primary school for the best bunch!  It was many years ago, and today I know the picking of wild flowers is not to be encouraged!

At any rate her story strengthens my belief that it would be wrong to use weed killer in the garden. We'll keep on digging and hopefully in time the rushes will surrender and the wild flowers will multiply. 


ju-north said...

A feast for the eyes!

Lucille said...

It's lovely to be able to turn back the clock a little. I almost missed the bluebells and saw no wild garlic this year.

rachel said...

Oh my, those rushes look like a lifetime's work.....

No sheep in your garden any more?

annie hoff said...

Yes, Rachel, I think I agree with you! As for the sheep, the farmer has put her in a field three miles from here on the other side of the river - she's probably having swimming lessons and planning her return route as I type this!

S. Etole said...

beautiful blue bells and garden walk ...

Dan said...

Hi Annie, I've never seen a Welsh poppy before. It's such a pretty shade of yellow. How big is your garden? It's lovely to see the flowers on the slope. Good luck with the rushes - they look very persistent!

annie hoff said...

Hi Dan. The house is in just over an acre of land. Very steep, completely uncultivated, a mixture of woodland and building site!!

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