Friday 17 June 2011

Victorian Strathpeffer

And now for something completely different! Last weekend Niels was playing in the band at Strathpeffer's Victorian Day
I took two friends and some ear plugs (that was just a joke - I did take two friends but left the ear plugs at home!)
He took a little time to get comfortable - but after some 'faffing' and re-arranging of cymbals, music and pedals they were off
And speaking of pedals...
Edith did a little jig
before clinching a deal on a post card
There were boy's toys
The bus came by
along with scullery maids
Proud grannies displayed their grand children
We had a lovely day and Strathpeffer lends itself perfectly to a bygone era
And now back in the 21st century I'm rushing to get ready for a drive to London. Jo, our daughter was thirty yesterday and we're going to have a party to celebrate her great old age...!
I'll be back soon!


Mac n' Janet said...

What fun! Love the way you did the pix!

rachel said...

That looked like a grand day out! Were you in costume too?

La said...

It looks like a lot of fun. Enjoy your trip to London!

Diane said...

Lovely photos! Well done Niels! Glad you all had some fun. Enjoy the birthday party! Love Di xx

Lucille said...

I love your vignetting and those old cars. I've always wanted a half timbered Morris Traveller.

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