Sunday 16 September 2012

Good Gifts and the rain

Sometimes it rains in Ullapool
and rains and rains
We've been given an enormous helping of top soil which is wonderful for the garden
and we kid ourselves it's wonderful for us too. All the exercise we get, digging, lugging and tipping the soggy soil down the bank by the drive to the house
which is steep
but will, when covered in soil, help shrubs and trees to grow 
Rainbows appear and waterfalls are flowing again
We've been given some fresh Mackerel straight from the loch.
Sometimes we're given  these. Lochbroom prawns (langoustine)
Jo has been staying with us for the last month. She is due to fly home this coming week
She is still getting over glandular fever - but there is light at the end of the tunnel. The best gift of all is that she  is slowly beginning to feel better.


ADRIAN said...

I love the first two shots. I hope they cook the prawns for you, little devils can't half nip.
Wish her luck with the glandular fever. I got it forty years ago and I still get a recurrence every few years.

S. Etole said...

Such beautiful scenery always.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing photograph of the rain on the water in the harbour!

I'm so very, very glad that Jo is getting better. We're still waiting for some improvement of our daughter's ME, having passed the one-year mark now, but we must keep our eyes fixed on recovery. The unfolding rose is a lovely image of that.

ju-north said...

Beautiful whatever the weather! Pleased Jo is on the mend.

Lori ann said...

such beautiful photos annie!

Linda said...

More than the heaps of soil or West Coast rain, it's the autumn light that struck me in your photos.

Glad to hear your daughter's health is improving. How good for her to have been recuperating with you.

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