Tuesday 14 May 2013


You couldn't have gone into Ullapool today without being aware that a cruise ship had slipped into the harbour in the early hours of this morning. The ship seemed to tower over Ullapool and was visible on every street corner. Its passengers spent much of the day being ferried from ship to shore, avoiding the showers, roaming the streets of Ullapool (some wearing ear muffs,) clutching cameras and carrier bags, taking in the sights and sounds of this presently rather windy and damp little corner of the Scottish Highlands. 
The M/S Artania  left Bremerhaven on the 12th May with 1,200 passengers on board and has sailed 622.56 nm to Ullapool. As I post this she is getting ready to sail again. She will be calling in at Belfast, Dublin, Falmouth and Portsmouth before arriving back in Bremerhaven on the 20th May. It was a pity they didn't dock last week in Ullapool. They wouldn't have needed their earmuffs, it was sunny and warm. I hope though they enjoyed their excursion. I love it when a ship arrives. I don't know why, but it makes it like a holiday. Even shopping in Tesco has a different feel about it!


A Garden of Threads said...

It was cold and rainy when I visited 2 years ago, I came by ferry from Lewis...rough seas:) Hope you are having a great day.

Lori ann said...

when cruise ships come in here i feel the same way. and although i am not a cruise ship person, how i would love to be on that one where you are!

ADRIAN said...

Did Tesco double their prices?
Today Ullapool tomorrow Mallaig. It sparks a rather surreal image for me.

annie hoff said...

Hello Adrian
Sadly I won't be here, but I hope you enjoy your time in Ullapool. It's a wee bit damp and cold at the moment!
If you look over across lochbroom on the lochside, you may spot the house as you drive by!

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