Monday 25 November 2013

Views, messes, and a finished waistcoat

The thing is I get behind with blogging  because I can't keep up with all the blogging things I want to blog about. Then I end up with a mishmash of bits and pieces. The mishmash keeps growing and I feel defeated by it.  So I shall make a start and post some of the mishmash but there is no connection or link between any of it. Just a few old bits of this and that
I'll start with the view - as always!  Glen Affric is beautiful. You must come and walk here. I have found the perfect place to have Christmas with family and friends. The distance and expense may well be the two reasons why it won't happen - but I can dream on
The walking on this estate is good. Friends who don't want to clamber up slippery steep mountain sides can walk here instead
and just soak up the loveliness of it all
I like drawing from photographs. It's neat and it's tidy, though it does feel like cheating sometimes even if the photos are my own and I put my own interpretation into the drawing
But a while ago I went to see a 'proper' artist's studio and recognise that I'm not nearly messy enough to be a real artist
this artist even paints his washing machine. I'd have to feel very liberated ( messy even) to do that
I went on a 'Dare to Draw' drawing course a month ago here at Bridge House Art in Ullapool I loved it. Eleanor encouraged us to be as messy as possible.  I drew this mug using coloured pastels and chalk and finished it off with a good splashing of strong black ink using bits of stick out of the garden. I  felt very liberated and artistic and even quite a bit messy as I drew off the edge of the paper and onto the wall - fortunately not my wall and - covered in lining paper. I still haven't painted the washing machine, but I like to think I'm getting just a bit messier.
I finished knitting my waistcoat. I'm rather partial to it, complete with leather buttons that I'll have to remove I expect should I ever decide to wash it. I often have the great idea and the practical application follows later - in this case a bit too late.
And lastly Ullapool Hill at the weekend. Winter is here the nights are pulling in. We've had our first snow and the leaves are off the trees.


Diane said...

Wow! What fantastic scenery & beautiful colours, even the messy bits! I love your waistcoat too - very nice. Glad you are ok & found time to blog. Sorry that I've not been in touch for a while, but I still check your blog. I wish I could be there to join you, especially for that Christmas meal! One day I'll make it, but I guess not for a while.
Take care. Di XX

S. Etole said...

Phenomenal colors in the landscape and wonderful creativity in you! Really enjoyed this.

Linda said...

If you hadn't confessed about your post being a mish-mash, I wouldn't have thought it was! Never admit! And sometimes the threads pull together while writing.
We used to go for hikes with school to Glen Affric. We didn't realise how lucky we were to live relatively close.

Anonymous said...

Our washing machine looks a bit like that one!

Gorgeous photos and waistcoat, I love mellow yellow.

We miss you, really looking forward to your visit to Shippers. Lots of love, Em xx

annie hoff said...

Ahhh...thank you Em. We're looking forward to seeing you too..X

Lucille said...

Gorgeous waistcoat to go with your (Mondaine?) watch. I have a red strapped one so maybe a red waistcoat would be the way forward?
I think your messy paid off. I too have dared to be messy recently with inks and flicked bleach! Such fun.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous scenery! The autumn colours have been wonderful this year. I like your waitcoat, although I can't wear yellow - it makes me look decidedly under the weather!

Anonymous said...

Dear Annie, wishing you and your family a very joyful and peaceful Christmas. I love Glen Affric - we spent a family weekend there a few years ago and I have longed to go back. Some day! And I am in awe of your drawing - and your beautiful buttercup waistcoat. Looks like tricky knitting to me.
Enjoy your holidays! love, C.

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