Wednesday 9 September 2015

The weather in no particular order

We've had this....
and this
Some days it's wet and drippy
some days it's warm and sunny
Summer is back for just a moment.
The drips have dried up
I found some planks of wood yesterday washed up on the shore, bleached and extremely distressed. The wood worm were probably distressed too. I'm hoping they drowned quickly. I've no idea what to do with it, I shall wait for inspiration. Something creative I thought,  although it's likely it will end up in the garage rotting away quietly in a corner
   between us we carried the rotting old wood back to the car
then we went to have a cup of tea. I remembered just in time to take a photo before I scoffed the lot. I'm not showing particular restraint in leaving one half of a scone. I'm waiting for Niels to finish so I can pinch his remaining jam and cream...he obviously had a bigger portion than I did..!


ju-north said...

We were pleasantly surprised at the Indian Summer up there!

Freda said...

Similar weather here in Argyll - savouring the sunshine and warmth!

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