Wednesday 19 December 2007


Two weeks ago I was helping to clear trees from our land so the digger could get on with his digging. In the process I hurt my back and ended up in bed with a slipped disc. It's much better now and after many days of quiet contemplation and reflection spent on my back I've concluded that a career in 'logging' is not really for me. Sadly as a result we had to cancel a weekend in Devon celebrating a dear friends birthday along with a stop over in Manchester to see our son who has also just had a birthday. I missed lots including....

this. This looks like a road. This is so exciting. I've walked up and down it pretending I'm in the car

Never mind that we can't get into the shed.

Driving nicely round the bend, with my Waitrose shopping in the boot (this is also just pretend - there isn't a Waitrose in the Scottish Highlands)

This is why we're here of course, to build a house. It's easy to forget as everything seems to take such a long time to happen.

The danish house agent flies up on the 7th Jan. with his site manager to meet the building contractor. They want to talk about foundations. I want to talk about fitted wardrobes and curtain tracks - maybe I should hold back a bit..?

Sometimes when I can't sleep at night I try and remember what things are packed away where, and in which container - it's just a variation on counting sheep I suppose. But at times I do miss the contents of my home. It will be nice to see them again. Of course I've forgotten how shabby most of it is and will wonder why on earth we kept it all when it finally arrives!

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