Tuesday 4 December 2007

The Digger's here!

The Digger arrived in the dark this morning. I don't suppose you will feel as excited by this as we were! We grabbed the camera and rushed out in our water proofs, and boots (It's raining hard here -that's the polite way of putting it) ready to see the action. There wasn't any of course, but this is the most hopeful positive sign we've seen yet to suggest we might have a house here one day. Yes seriously!

For those of you who are passionate about diggers I've done a collage. You can print it out if you like and pin it on your bedroom walls. I don't have the specifications, but I can tell you it's a lovely bright yellow colour and comes with buckets and scoops and a fork thing

I do hope it's still there tomorrow. What if it's just been parked (Is that the right word - maybe one dumps a digger?) to be used elsewhere along the lane on a more pressing and urgent job?

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