Thursday 3 June 2010

There and back again

 The Ullapool News described the weather we've been having recently as 'Claggy!' While not knowing precisely what this means I feels it sums up the weather perfectly! It's been claggy, muggy and extremely low cloudy. It's also been warm and sunny, a complete mix!
We are traveling south tomorrow for two weeks and while I'm really looking forward to seeing family and friends I don't want to leave here.
The gorse is out, banks of yellow flowers grow by the lochside; it smells of coconut!
 Our overgrown rather chaotic garden without any assistance from us, has thrown up a cacophony of colour.  In amongst the rushes (yes, they're still there!) and bracken and nettles and thistles and dock leaves there is a wealth of buttercups daisies, bluebells, clover, foxgloves, yellow poppies, primroses, speedwell and more I can't identify.
It doesn't get dark here in the evening until around 11pm and will carry on getting lighter and lighter in the evenings until the longest day on 21st June. It's possible to sit and read a book or newspaper late into the night, there is no need to switch a light on. I do love it. I think May and June are perhaps my favourite months here, although autumn is beautiful too and even winter has its good side!
I'm looking forward to coming home again before I've even left!


Lucille said...

Might you take some longest day photos when you get back? I'd love to see the 'midnight' sun.

rachel said...

'Claggy' here in the North East is used to describe something sticky and clinging, like thick mud- the kind that pulls your boot off.

I'm always struck by how uncomplaining you are - I'm sure I'd be whining about midges and ticks, but no, not you! Your location is obviously just right for you.

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