Saturday 26 June 2010

To stand still

Just before the longest day we climbed Stac Pollaidh
 with our friend Helen, our latest visitor.
We sat ourselves down (out of the wind!) nibbled digestive biscuits, drank hot chocolate
and waited for the setting sun. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances,
ie. low cloud, it did most of its setting out of sight!
Nevertheless, I think it remarkable that these photos were taken just before 11pm (way after my bedtime)  and it was still light. 
 I took this at midnight. We are probably not quite far enough north for the midnight sun,
but despite the cloud cover, it was still light and the pink glow remained in the sky.
I looked up Solstice in the dictionary
It's derived from Latin and means 'to stand still'
And that's exactly what it does. The glow stays in the sky before reappearing a short time later as the sunrise.


rachel said...

Lovely post - my planned move south means that I will lose some of the late evening light that we get in the North East of England. On the other hand, maybe I wouldn't spot people in such warm clothing on the longest day!

annie hoff said...

A fair comment! And you'll be pleased to hear I've been whining about the midges!

S. Etole said...

A person could sit and take in those views all day ... absolutely serene.

annie hoff said...

Hello Susan, yes it is serene, I agree with you and as ever I'm amazed at the wonderful order of it all.

Lucille said...

I have always wanted to see that so thank you. Even with the cloud it was impressive.

Diane said...

Wow! What fantastic photos! I missed your blogging while you were away. Welcome back! Take care! Love Di x

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