Thursday 30 September 2010

Lexies revisited

Robin couldn't leave without a trip up the hill to see Lexies
We take cake and coffee
Edith takes photos
It was the most perfect morning. I've not been up here for a while.
Janne's visit was the last time
Lexies 2007
I do love it here. Edith's perfectly restored, perfectly loved holiday residence!
An old croft that until 2007 was a ruin sitting forlornly on the hillside
It isn't too neat, it isn't too tidy
but it has order and ensures that visiting family and friends
are comfortable and cosy without the need for running water and electricity
Candle power
The compost loo
This year there is an addition. Up in the rafters swallows have
taken up residence. A delightful spot - surely they
must be excited at the prospect of returning  next summer? It's
constructed so carefully - tiny dollops of mud! A rather whimsical
woolly  feature by the front door completes their little home.
As well as Robin and I, Edith's cousin and his wife are visiting. Edith
unravels her hammock to show where she sleeps - sometimes.
She's never in focus, as she never stops moving
but occasionally she sits for a moment and reflects
Robin signs the visitors book. Absolutely everyone who comes must sign it!
We sit outside in the last late burst of  summer sunshine eating cake and drinking coffee.
The plates and mugs are washed outside in the burn and drained 
on the draining board under the trees
It's the time of year when the hillsides and mountains take on a golden ginger tinge
Coming back down to earth, we pass Edith's garden shed next to
her 'real' house. It's thatched in heather.
I do love coming up to Lexies. You never quite know what you'll
find here and Edith, as always, is the perfect hostess. I
do love her enthusiasm - long may it continue.


Mac n' Janet said...

What a very special place, looked like a beautiful day. Loved the garden shed thatched in heather, my husband says he could do me one thatched in pine straw, but it definitely wouldn't be the same.

Lynne said...


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