Monday 6 September 2010

The Summer Isles

Sometimes the weather and settings combine to make the most sublime of days.
The cruise on the Summer Queen to the Summer Isles was just one such perfect day
We left Ullapool
There were others , some under sail, some not
The Ferry to Stornoway slipped by
Look ahead, over to your left, the captain said.
And there in the sky a huge white-tailed eagle flew high above the boat
I had neither the skill nor the lens to capture this amazingly elusive bird of prey. It was a jaw dropping moment. Its immense size - a "flying door" in the sky. We could only lean over the boat rails and stare upward, open mouthed.
We arrive at the sheltered haven of Tanera Mhor, the principal and only inhabited island
in the group of Summer Isles
We sit in the garden overlooking the bay and drink fresh coffee and eat home made scones bought from the tiny
In the late 18th and early 19th century this Island was a herring fishing station, but the herring
fishing trade has long since died and now tourism plays a large part
 in sustaining this tiny community
We leave Tanera Mhor, meaning "Harbour Island" from the Norse.
A comorant swimming with back awash, and neck upright swims by
It's like a painting
The Summer Isles separate sea from sky
The Seascape leaps over the water. Quite a different day from my birthday two years ago
Divers bob up and down in the wake
Ullapool comes into sight
I can't recommend this trip out on the Summer Queen too highly. It takes approximately four hours and
the wild life is abundant (though not well caught on camera by myself!)
And just sometimes, on occasions the weather is truly amazing and the highlands and Islands can be seen in their absolute wonderful sparkling best.


Lucille said...

And you shared it. I was temporarily transported from the dirty, dark, wet day here.

annie hoff said...

Hello Lucille.
We've had our share of dark wet days here, but, just for once perfect weather coincided with the visit of a friend and a boat trip - it felt like heaven on earth!

Diane said...

These recent blogs are just so mouth-watering! I'm really hoping I can make it to visit you and your beautiful home one day. Please keep blogging, it so enjoyable! Best wishes, Di x

annie hoff said...

Hello Diane
You'll always be welcome - I'll have a word with the weather before you arrive!

Anonymous said...

so jealous of you seeing the white tailed eagle. We are always hoping to see one when we visit - not been lucky yet.

Been years since I've been on the Summer Queen.


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