Saturday 9 October 2010

The end of summer

 I do love this time of year
The last of the foxgloves hanging on by a thread
Thistles that have long since dried still keeping their heads
Spider's webs glisten and shimmer
 Bracken curls and crumbles through fingers
The promise of winter. The holly is full of berries
 ripening in the late afternoon sun.
After an unbelievably dull summer
Autumn, so far, has been just wonderful.


S. Etole said...

what beauty you have shared ...

rachel said...

Definitely the best time of year, regardless of the weather, I think! said...

Great photographs Ann, Autumn is such a lovely time of year, isn't it and where you are it must be BEAUTIFUL!!


Lucille said...

Your foxgloves have lasted well. Something poignant about these shorter blue days and low gold light.

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