Thursday 7 October 2010

Back on the Postie path

Helen is visiting. On Tuesday we walked the 'Postie Path.' We've
never completed it before as we always run out of daylight hours before the end and have
to turn round and come back again
But yesterday we got going reasonably early
after a leisurely breakfast and general faffing about looking for socks, binoculars, charging camera batteries and making sandwiches etc.
We started in Achilitibuie and finished  in Strathcanaird, a distance of some nine or ten miles
It's so pretty in places
and so rugged in others
We could look back and see where we'd come from - did we really
walk round there? It looks a bit steep and rocky, but there is a path of sorts and once on it it's quite safe, unless
you should decide to jump off?
A camera in one hand and one of Helen's cheese and pickle sandwiches in the other.
        A welcome sit down. I'm not getting old but there does seem a lot of uphill to get up!
Niels is unable to 'do' the Postie path without making his gaiters messy!
Are they looking for someone?
Going up,and as soon as I arrive you just know they
are going to get up and set off again!
It's stunning, I could sit all day soaking up the surroundings
But there is still a long way to go and those two
are nearly over the next hill - and one of them
 is carrying the chocolate.
It looks as if we might get wet, we start to walk a bit quicker
We get back to the car as the sky darkens
A huge furnace lights up the sky, and eventually it begins to rain as
the cloud engulfs the setting sun.
A brilliant day a brilliant walk, completed this time from start to finish
That postman must have been pretty fit!


S. Etole said...

you have such breathtaking photos ... and stamina, as well

Alison in the red Norwegian House said...

Spectular, wonderful, fantastic I could go on with these latest photos. Aren't we having lovely Autumn sunny weather ?

annie hoff said...

Coohee Alison! - I can almost open the window and shout a long the lane to you!
Yes, the weather has been wonderful. See you soon.

Lynne said...


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