Monday 14 January 2008

The Postman's Path

On Saturday the weather was wonderful. Very cold with bright blue sky and sunshine. We don't see much sun at present on our hillside. We know it's there, tucked away behind the mountain. As the days slowly lengthen though the sun climbs a little higher and hangs around just a little longer. We decided to go for a walk.
The post man apparently used to walk this way to Achiltibuie. They've build a road and given him a post van now, he must be very relieved. All those heavy shopping catalogues. It's quite an arduous route along steep edges of cliff and in places necessitates scrambling over rock and boulders which on Saturday were treacherous with ice

It was beautiful. I walked along taking in the views and the sunshine and was just in the process of thinking that although the ice made walking over the rocks perilous, it was a great help when negotiating the 'boggy' bits when I heard a 'slurupy' noise and looked up. Some of Niels was missing, he seemed shorter and wasn't moving (well not forwards at any rate!)

Honestly, he needs gaiters up to his armpits! He pulled himself out with a 'plopping' sound. I dutifully held back from making it a photo opportunity for this blog. But for the record this shows how far he stepped into the quagmire!

These signs have been put here since the postman used the track. It's rare to have signposts on walks in the Highlands. The signs and the footpath have been funded with money from the EU, The National Lottery, Scottish Heritage and Royal Mail to name but a few.

They don't look too muddy from behind do you think?

The ever amazing view. The sea barely had a ripple on it

The mountain in the background just visible with a covering of snow is Ben Mhor Coigach.
A well earned lunch break, and a chance to dry out!

Not a bad spot to eat your sandwiches!

The descent and the journey home for clean clothes.
A brilliant walk even though one of us got messy trousers!


Anonymous said...

Poor Niels!!!Hi-Hi

Wonderful photographs again I will have an album soon.

Keep well, Jackie

annie hoff said...

Thank you Jackie! it was a wonderful walk despite Niels being a bit on the soggy side! The gaiters worked well and kept most of the water out. We slept like logs that night!

Anonymous said...

Trying the system again and just clicking on "comments" brings me to this space. So, yes I laughed till I cried - poor Niels. Have you contacted "Country File" yet - your photos are wonderful, as are all the experiences you are having.
Love Brenda

annie hoff said...

success! thank you Brenda

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