Saturday 26 January 2008

One day

Our house! One day - March seems likely - it will be built, and from the outside it will appear complete. It will only become apparent once through the front door that the inside is missing!
And so stage two will begin.

I just want stage one to start. Today has been a grey day, the same colour as the breeze blocks and gravel that appeared at the top of our drive earlier in the week (no, I haven't been on a spending spree with my Travis Perkins catalogue!) Everything just seems to take so long to happen and my mood today became greyer to match the weather as I've struggled to get to grips with the quarterly figures due in at the end of the month for the Accountant. We only have a tiny business to run. Goodness knows what I'd do if it ever got up to full strength! Can we be the only husband and wife team who simply cannot agree on anything to do with paper work!

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