Thursday 31 January 2008


A new digger!

This is the tractor carrying the cement and cement mixer to be used when building the retaining wall.

I wanted to say this is the tractor with its easy to remove attachments, but I think these go with the digger, they've just got muddled up as attachments do

These are thermal sheets that will go down with the foundations. The breeze blocks (aptly named) have been placed on top to stop them blowing away.

Our very own bottle bank! When the site was being cleared, the digger threw up an array of old bottles, pipes, fencing and shoes. To be dealt with at a later date.
Meanwhile in the back garden, it looks as if there has been a landslide.

The stream which has been diverted away from the center of the land to a cutting at the edge

senses its freedom and seeks out the quickest route from top to bottom

It's now horribly wet and muddy on the slope . When we first came here the land was a beautiful green and pleasant place. It hasn't taken long to wreck it! But on a positive note the house is due to be delivered on the 13th March - is that a Friday I wonder?

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