Tuesday 15 January 2008

Men at work

It's easy to lose sight of one of the main reasons for this blog. To record the building of our house! It is happening bit by slow bit. A week ago today the Trelleborg agent and his site manager were here from north Devon for a meeting with our building contractor.

A bunch of blokes, talking about our house! I must try to remain calm.

Now I know how important this bit is. I've watched Grand Designs on television and if the foundations are too high, too low, too far back and in the wrong place all together, it has a disastrous knock on effect. It means the delivery date for the window frames and doors gets delayed by 6 months, the bad weather sets in, the chipboard goes soggy, the underfloor heating gets damaged the roof timbers are the wrong size and a vital interlocking part of the structure doesn't arrive. And worse the budget goes through the roof (if it's been put on that is) So I hope these two are taking it seriously!

Back to our place to drink 9,347 cups of tea and discuss 'things'
We think it went well - the supporting wall and foundations will be done next. Then Trelleborg if all goes to plan will arrive in March to erect the house which will be coming on a lorry from Denmark! The equipment needed to off load the building materials has been discussed and a suitable turning point in the lane found to enable the lorry driver to turn round and drive home again. Fortunately the bridges in the lane with their weight restriction of 7.50 tons were reinforced last year. Finally room has been found to put the house whilst it's being built - I wouldn't have thought of that. But I can remember all those Lego building bricks scattered over the floor when our children were little. I hope they don't lose the instructions.

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