Thursday 25 November 2010

Posh frocks

Never mind the weather!
we're off to a posh wedding. The morning suit is hired and the hat is bought. Yes, me a hat! It's never been known - apart from my school panama hat.
I love my posh frock. It's just a little bit whacky
I love the colour, the silky alpaca shawl, the linen buttons.
Normal service will be resumed on return. The wedding is in Sussex. Is it snowing there too I wonder? I do hope I shan't be expected to get out and push the car!

4 comments: said...

It looks a great outfit and love the hat too. Hopefully you will publish a photographs of you both in your post frocks ( suit for Niels) on your return.

Have a wonderful time, if it isn't snowing in Sussex now I think it might by the weekend, so it will be a lovely white wedding!!

annie hoff said...

Thank you Jackie. We're looking forward to it. We're setting off today to allow extra time for travel. I'll take pictures of us in our fancy dress!

La said...

Red and black is my favorite color combination. Enjoy the wedding! La

annie hoff said...

Thank you La. Red and black together are real winter colours - wonderfully bright!

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