Thursday 21 July 2011

Making my bed

I've dug a flower bed! My first!  And friends have been here and moved and straightened and tidied the wood pile.
Of course it's far too tidy to use now!
The flower bed doesn't look very lush and full to bursting yet - but it will, one day, at least that's the plan
Our visitors also tidied up round the outside of the house. The plan is to get the ground work done and build a garage  - we're just revving up for that!
It does look loads tidier. I don't know why we didn't get it done before, there just always seems something else to do
The garden still has it's wild side, where the beds are decidedly unmade!
And when I look at the bigger picture I feel completely flummoxed - in terms of gardening at least!
So for the time being I shall concentrate all my efforts on this neat and tidy well made little flower bed!


S. Etole said...

It looks all tucked and tidy! What beautiful views.

ju-north said...

What a beautiful building and site!

Mac n' Janet said...

The setting of your house is incomparable. It looks like a picture post card. Tidy is nice, but we keep a bit of our yard just wild both because it's too much work and because we like it natural.

annie hoff said...

I agree. Our garden will never be tidy - it isn't that sort of a garden! I just want a few spots where I can grow 'proper' flowers if you see what I mean! I love all the wild flowers we have and for that reason I won't use weed killer - it makes it very tough at times!

Ann said...

It looks wonderful and what could be better than that view you have - you have a whole garden in just that view
Happy weekend

Linda said...

A great canvas to work on. At least you don't have a municpal allotment committee breathing down your neck and writing you narky letters if your plot gets a bit out of hand!

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