Monday 18 July 2011

The Tall Ships

The Tall Ships have been in  Ullapool. They are on their way up to Lerwick to take part in the tall ships races. The second leg from Lerwick to Stavanger in Norway starts next week. About fifteen ships sailed in. They certainly looked beautiful against the backdrop of lochbroom, and for the most part the weather stayed kind.
Ullapool was full to bursting.
an talla solais, the art centre in Ullapool had an exhibition of small ships to celebrate
 the red dot means they have been sold. We should have got there sooner, many of them were excellent.
small squares made of marine plywood, exquisitely painted 
Even when the rain fell  the tall ships looked very beautiful and graceful
ship shape order
and much scrubbing and cleaning to be done, making the ships ready
It was an exciting and lively weekend
and Ullapool rose to the occasion in splendid fashion


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful day you had, and it looks as if Ullapool pulled out all the stops. I really like your blog, and will be back again soon! Lovely photographs.

Ann said...

Oh! such beautiful ships. Great photographs capturing the moment.
Happy week

Anonymous said...

just knew there would be great pics from you. We were there, standing on the point for ages waiting for them to arrive/depart! Did you take part in the 'strip the willow'?

annie hoff said...

Hi Angela, no we didn't take part in 'strip the willow' We had friends staying and had agreed to go out for a meal. I hope it was a success, they were looking for a thousand people if possible to take part. What a great weekend it was - sorry I missed you!

Britt-Arnhild said...

Lovely photos.

One day I hope to visit Scotland. It has always fascinated me.

Anonymous said...

Quite an event. We often hop over to Ullapool from Beauly, but missed this sadly. Love the little artworks too. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. Next best thing to being there :-)

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