Wednesday 17 August 2011

Truly scrumptious...

Yesterday we had a power cut - we knew it was coming, the electricity board wrote and told us. They needed to install a new transformer and deal with overhanging branches on cables along the lane, but we forgot - as we often do and had started numerous jobs involving electricity! They came to an abrupt halt at 9.30 yesterday morning
But, not this job. This job carried on. Making apricot jam the French way. Lots of apricots seeping for hours in sugar, vanilla, lemon juice
and if you have the energy and patience
blanched apricot kernels. I whacked the stones with a hammer to remove the kernels and blanched them in boiling water for a minute to remove the skins. 'Boiling water....' I hear you say! But all was made possible with a small gas cartridge and screw in 'thingy' for a saucepan to stand on, perfect for power cut days when kernels need to be blanched
And that's it, apricots, sugar, lemon juice, vanilla and kernels waiting for the electricity to come back on
and while they waited they went gooey and syrupy and gave off a wonderful aroma of vanilla and almonds and summery apricots
They waited until 4.30 in the afternoon when the house suddenly sprung in to action with whirring and bleeping noises loud music and vacuum cleaner sounds. I turned up the heat under the saucepan and boiled the apricots for twenty minutes until thick.
You must make this jam...well, only if you like apricots and jam that is!  It is neither too set nor too sweet and the vanilla and added kernels really do make a difference.
I don't think you need a power cut to achieve this 'yummy' jam, just the patience to wait until the apricots have really softened.
Here is the recipe explained properly


Lucille said...

I love apricot jam and I have used Sarah Raven's recipe so can vouch for its excellence.

Mac n' Janet said...

The jam looks delicious and I love apricots, but what is the kernal?
I make peach jam all the time but truth be told I like apricots better than peaches.

rachel said...

Looks delectable! I must look out for apricots now.

Dan said...


Ann said...

Oh! my, I was right there smelling that jam. Your photographs capture it all and it certainly looks scrumy. I have been making blackberry jam this week along with freezing green runner beans. I am trying to get ready for the 'produce show' in September.
Happy Week

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness. That looks amazing. I want to make that! And I will. As soon as I get my hands on some nice apricots. Thank you for sharing that link.


Anonymous said...

Yummy! It looks too beautiful to eat!

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