Thursday 6 October 2011

Slightly warmer, slightly colder

It has to be said we haven't had the greatest of summers up here in the frozen north!  While the south copes with wave after wave of heat, up here we've had just slightly warmer than average temperatures for the time of year! But, when the weather does get it right it does it in splendid fashion.
It's the ginger time of year
the heather has all but gone
and now grasses dipped in pots of burnt sienna and yellow ochre deck out the hills and mountain sides
On good days the light is intense
Peacock butterflies
and dragonflies sunbathe
mummy mushrooms tend their young
The last of the camper vans make their exit
and life settles down to await the arrival of winter. The first snow fell on the mountain tops in the night, and today the temperature feels just slightly colder than average for the time of year!


ADRIAN said...

Another wonderful set. Beautiful vistas perfectly captured.

Brenda T said...

I eagerly await each wonderful collection of photo's! such stunningly beautiful countryside. Each new blog is a holiday in itself.
Thank you so much Ann
Brenda T x

annie hoff said...

Hello Brenda!
Thank you for the lovely comment. It is a beautiful time of the year here (when it isn't raining!) The light make all the difference. x

Dan said...

Hi Annie, what a set of photos!! The beach looks amazing, and I love the mum and baby mushrooms. And you have snow on the tops of the mountains already! Which mountain range is it?

annie hoff said...

Hello Dan
Snow has settled on the top of two local mountains. Ben Dearg I can see from the house and An Teallach over the hill at the back of us. Probably not quite ready for skiing, but I could get the toboggan ready just in case!

Lucille said...

All lovely images to feast upon. How is your log pile looking?

annie hoff said...

Well Lucille - it's like this. We're hoping to get the groundwork started/finished around the house before we stack wood under the eves for the winter. However it has to be said not a lot seems to be happening in the groundwork department and it's becoming a bit of a worry - no woodpile would be a bit of a disaster!

Anonymous said...

Those photos are breathtaking! And very restorative - thank you. I'm pining to get out to the countryside just now, but it doesn't look like it will happen soon.

Golly, snow with you already. I told a group of freshly-arrived international students that snow in the hills was forecast for this weekend, and there was a very sharp collective intake of breath!

Enjoy those crisp, clear days and the qualities of the colours.

Mac n' Janet said...

I do love Autumn and you pictures really capture it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann

As always love your blog. It is a regular addiction. Have to say I'm not sure who Brenda T is, not someone who has stolen my identity I hope! Will be in touch again soon. Much love to you and Niels.
Bee Thain

annie hoff said...

Hello Brenda. I know two Brenda's with a surname beginning with 'T' and it's always nice to get their comments! Thank you very much x

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