Friday 23 March 2012

Birthday cake, tadpoles and a bit of sunshine

The birthday party was brilliant. This is the only photo I have of it! The top of the birthday cake designed and made by dear Jo. Her Dad sitting on top of a cake playing the drums. I can see the likeness!
Lots of family and friends travelled far and wide to help us celebrate this special occasion   
There were heaps of cards and some fabulous presents. 'Thank You' letters will be going out in due course.
As I've been so appallingly bad at recording the birthday weekend, I'm going to show you a walk we did today instead!
The weather for the party was quite well behaved,  but as the last of the guests flew home to Denmark yesterday, the weather held back no longer and today the sun gave it all it had. Niels propped up by poles! Actually he's not that bad and very fit and carried an extra pole in case I needed one.
So few people see Assynt bathed in wall to wall sunshine. Intense blue sky and water
Trying out a birthday present - now we can see things in the distance!
Tadpoles! Millions don't survive, and the dry weather this week has meant many puddles are drying up, but here there were a million trillion tadpoles in a race against time
By comparison, two tadpoles from our old garden pond near Woking! Much larger in size and more developed, taken one April a few years ago,  a month ahead of these  Assynt tadpoles. I used to feed them fish food, so it's reasonable I suppose they would be twice the size of their Scottish cousins!
 The perfect lunch spot, I ate my sandwich before I could take a picture.
Suilven in the distance. We still need to climb it - just because it's there I think, and while we still can!
Back onto the road
and a trek back to the car. I don't think he's falling over - just deep in thought!
It has been such a beautiful day and Assynt remains one of my very favourite wild and remote places.
If one of the party goers takes pity on me and sends me some photos, I will post them onto my blog. In the meantime you have to put up with 'going for walk' pictures!


ju-north said...

Belated Happy Birthday to HI or rather HO! Great photos - brings back lots of happy memories. the cake was wonderful!

A Garden of Threads said...

Gorgeous pictures. Thank you for taking me along on your walk. Jen.

S. Etole said...

What an incredible blue in the sky and water.

Brenda T said...

I so enjoyed your walk, everything is so incredibly clear and bright.
Jo, is so talented with her cakes, it was brilliant, shame to cut into it!
Enjoy all the sunshine.

Brenda T x said...

Great cake, I can see the resemblance to Niels!! You must both be so happy and fit with all the fresh air and walks!! I am sure your guests had a great time.

Love to you both, Jackie & Phil.xx

Doohie said...

Your photographs are stunningly beautiful.Thankyou for sharing them with us.

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely amazing cake! I can only imagine the revelling that must have gone on long into the night. The weather for your walk was equally amazing. And thank you very much for your lovely comment!

Lucille said...

That sounds as if it was the most perfect birthday. The cake is so clever. I have been hearing about the record breaking temperatures up there. What a beautiful walk.

Liv said...

Wow, Jo's cake is amazing! Robin passed on the marmalade - it smells wonderful. I have a recipe for marmalade cake from Nigella that I will make once I've moved house next week (all my tins are packed). Thanks very much!

marie og søren said...

Mange tak for en dejlig weekend og en fin fest.

Jay said...

Beautiful pictures!

Lori ann said...

oh my, i realized i'd been holding my breath. my goodness it's gorgeous there. how i wish that i can visit someday. i'll bring my poles too!

that is an amazing cake!

Ann said...

Wow! what an amazing cake and I am sure it tasted just as good as it looked. The sky is so blue and those tadpoles just wait and see what happens to them.
Happy week

Linda said...

I read and enjoyed this post a while ago - especially enjoyed the vibrant colours in the photos - and didn't quite know what to comment on because it was all comment-worthy. Perhaps 'belated happy birthday' is appropriate!

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