Friday, 6 April 2012

Wait ten minutes and the weather will change!

Winter and Spring arrive together
We were with friends at a viewpoint just north of Kylesku. A platform with information regarding the mountain and rock formations was displayed on a tablet of stone made to look like a book - we ran for cover.
and a little while later, we watched transfixed as the next burst of weather arrived.
Quite simply it's been warm and summery one day
and cold and wintry the next
Thank you for all the lovely kind comments on my last post. Thank you too to Soren and Marie for making the party and leaving a comment on my blog!  


Linda said...

These contrasts are why I wouldn't want to live anywhere else but Scotland.

S. Etole said...

You are surrounded by such incredible beauty.

Christine Laennec said...

What gorgeous photographs. I agree with Linda, the contrasts make Scotland such a beautiful place to live. A happy Easter to you, Ann!

A Garden of Threads said...

I remember the weather contrasts very well, need to be prepared for everything. Have a wonderful week:)

Jackie said...

Great pics, hope you had a good Easter?

The weather is a bit like that here in days rather than minutes, last weekend lunch in the garden, this weekend in the dining room with the CH on!!

Love Jackie.x

Lori ann said...

oh my gosh it is stunning there, thank you for sharing these photos. someday we'll be there to see ourselves... (fingers crossed).

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