Sunday 29 April 2012

R&R - Rest and Recuperation

Jo, our daughter came up earlier this week to rest and recover from the flu. She's been seriously poorly. As she arrived I caught a cold. Between us through the week we've propped each other up, and enjoyed some of the most glorious sunshine. I know it isn't fair, but we don't suffer with drought here as you know, and sometimes we deserve the better weather!
There is a beach near here that I love. I love it at all times of the year. In the summer and in the winter What ever the time of year Achnahaird beach never disappoints.
The sheep come down to the waters edge to eat the seaweed
The views as ever are huge, but right at our feet there are views in miniature that are quite perfect
perfect textures and patterns
But what are these? and what are they doing. I suspect that they are empty cases and the occupants have left, but I don't know. They look like Muppets, frantically waving their arms.
The cloud looks as if it's hit the mountain top at speed and splattered off in all directions!
Jo, flew back to London yesterday morning feeling much better, and my cold has nearly gone. It was lovely to see her, and I feel better just thinking that even though we live over 600 miles away she can still get on a plane and come 'home' to be looked after by her mummy!


Dan said...

Hi Annie
Glad you're both feeling better!
What a lovely way for you both to recuperate and enjoy each others company at the same time! Lovely pictures as always, but I particularly like the life in miniature ones. Did you use a macro lens to take those? Haven't got a clue what the 'muppets' might be? The remains of a seaweed plant maybe?
I was horrified when I saw the price of macro lenses for my new camera. I think I'll just stick with the macro setting and the normal lens for now. I've found I love taking pictures of the tiny details in life, so it's on my wishlist for the distant future.

ju-north said...

One of our favourite beaches also - even better when having one of those famous pies for a picnic! Hope you will be fully recovered soon! said...

Sorry to hear you have both been ill but glad you have both recovered. Great photographs! I wonder why the rain has kept away from you? Today it is awful here, wet and windy, surface water causing problems on the roads.

Love Jackie.x

Linda said...

Sounds as if a blast of pure west coast air won over your daughter's bugs.Either that or it was your motherly attention. How lovely still to be turned to when your daughter needed you to make things better.

Brenda Thorn said...

Glad to hear that you and Jo are feeling much better, it's lovely to have a Mummy like you, Jo's a very lucky girl!

Ann you always delight us with the amazing colourful scenery in Scotland, everything looks so beautiful.

Love Brenda x

annie hoff said...

Hi Dan
I don't use a macro lens, but I would love one. Like you I love the detail in things, but as you say a dedicated macro lens costs a fortune!

We often ask that question in reverse - when it's raining here and sunny in the south!

Anonymous said...

How could you not recover, surrounded by such beautiful scenery!!

Mac n' Janet said...

Glad to hear your both feeling better. Our daughter is about 600 miles away too.
What a lovely place to recuperate, as always your pictures are incredible.

Anonymous said...

I was sorry to hear you and your daughter had both been poorly, but then at the end to read you'd both recovered. I've no idea what the unidentified sea creatures are, but your views are just stunning. Enjoy whatever sunshine you get, I believe your winter was unremittingly wet.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, meant to say I was HAPPY to read you had both recovered!

S. Etole said...

What incredible views. Hope you are soon completely well.

Diane said...

Sorry to read that Jo had been seriously ill, but glad to hear that you are both recovering. Hope Niels doesn't catch anything. I'm sure he's been looking after you both. I thought something was not quite right when no new blog arrived!

Fantastic photos & scenery yet again. Take good care of yourselves.

With love from, Di xx

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