Friday 10 August 2012

Pushing buttons and turning dials

Yesterday we had things to do in Inverness. Dentist appointments, and shopping. Driving home we stopped here
and admired the view. We ate a sandwich and a bag of sweets - me, that is. Niels had a bar of chocolate. I like those dreadful jelly snakes. I should have moved the bag from the dashboard before I took the picture! 
I had a healthy drink though!
I've spent the day playing with a new camera. One I can't understand but hopefully will get better at once I've read the manual - which I can't print off the computer until Monday afternoon when I've bought some more ink for the printer - that's another journey to Inverness, fortunately, or unfortunately, we also need  a return visit to the dentist -  no, not me, even if I can eat a whole bag of jelly snakes in one sitting.
Dear Niels is undergoing a course of treatment at the dentist.
I know I'm going to love this camera. I also  know it's very easy to make a bad picture look better by adding  lots of  out of camera effects.  But sometimes it's fun and I want to see what the camera can do on an automatic setting, while I read the manual!

I like it very much. The Olympus OM-D  - and I'll like it even more when I know what I'm doing!


S. Etole said...

Always such great views wherever you go. Hope your new camera brings you much enjoyment.

ADRIAN said...

It looks every bit as good as it's reviews.
Keep it clean and have fun.

old_black said...

Marmite! We are in the middle of a disastrous Marmite drought here in Australia & New Zealand. The only Marmite factory was damaged in the Christchurch earthquake and we won't be able to get Marmite again until late this year. (Actually, our "Marmite" is not the same product as yours...ours is made by the Seventh Day Adventists and has a stronger taste!).
I was reminded of you yesterday when I was reading a book (A Map of Glass - Urquhart) in which an artist takes a series of pictures of a winter landscape, moving in to closer & closer views with each one. I'm looking forward to more great art from you and the OM-D.

Lori ann said...

i can't wait to see what stunning photos you'll take annie, congratulations on your new camera.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine photographs getting any better than these! Beautiful. Sympathies to Neils for his dental exploits.

rachel said...

I have a new camera too, and I'm really struggling with it. I'll watch your progress with interest - so far, so impressive!

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