Thursday 22 November 2012

manual labour

The blogging gap is because there hasn't been much to blog about! But I'm having withdrawal symptons and  decided blogging about not much is better than not blogging at all.
I've cleaned the windows - inside and out. I'm trying to make this interesting!
We were meant  to have completed the groundwork round the outside of the house by now. Apart from digging a trench to lay drain pipes we've not got any further. Lack of motivation, indecision and general faffing are to blame. 
As well as painting half the garage floor (I'm waiting for it to dry before painting the other half) I painted a picture. I wasn't going to put it on here, but if I say the chimney is meant to be wonky like that, and the roof in the middle is meant to look like a giant hinged lid that will make it alright, and anyway you might not notice - but probably will, now I've pointed it out!
I found a wonderful 'tip' on someone's blog (I can't remember who's) for dealing with scrappy bits of wool that unravel and cause chaos in the knitting bag. It's great, I've reined all loose ends in neatly on clothes pegs -  now what do I do with them?!
I must apologise to Hamish. I don't know him but he sent a comment on my blog regarding planning application for the erection of  a wind turbine on Mellon Udrigle beach. Hamish along with many residents in the area feel this would be a dreadful thing to do in such a beautiful location. Unfortunately, I deleted his email in error. I've had so many spam emails recently this one was swept up with the general garbage. So please accept my apologies and for those interested the application can be found here Hamish gave me the link to 'Visit Loche Ewe' facebook page too. It is a wonderful part of the world. I'm not against renewable energy  but it would seem  insensitive to site a wind turbine on this beautiful beach.
Lastly a big 'Thank You' to the  forty nine followers of this blog. I noticed last week the number has gone up. Thank you for not giving up. I haven't given up either just sometimes it's impossible to feel inspired!


ADRIAN said...

I am not a Robert. So get rid of the typing when I have to post. Google sell the results.
A great place to live and wander about.and yet another good post.

Now I attack ifieda1

Hope it works if it doesn't then you won't know.

annie hoff said...

Sorry Adrian. I agree I don't like the word verification either. But I'm inundated lately with spam emails so have put it back on blogger - just for a little while to have a break!

ADRIAN said...

PS. this one is better mssomex26.
Google is good for me. I just filled rubbish in and now they know I'M HERE

ADRIAN said...

Wish I was a robot spend hours keeping blogger what it was and my HTML skills are minimal. Go to dashboard and don't let anonymous coments. That solves the problem. Verification does help Google but does not help blogger. They are now suggesting I enter 125411aabley. Piss them about and he code gets longer.

Anonymous said...

Annie, it's lovely to see and read about your everyday life because it's still very exotic compared to mine!

Em said...

I really like your wool pegs so am thinking about taking up knitting just to have some of my own.
I also love the photo looking out of the window with the really moody clouds and the candle reflection, it's really good. Shows the perfect day for taking photos from indoors.
See you really soon
xx Em

annie hoff said...

Thank you for thinking my life is exotic - most of the time it doesn't feel like that at all!

Dear Em
small amounts of wool wrapped around wooden cloths pegs are just the thing - just the thing for what though?! Really looking forward to seeing you and family too soon xx

A Garden of Threads said...

I know how you feel, I also find it difficult to find something to say on the blog. Great idea about the yarn. Have a wonderful day.

ju-north said...

You don't need to say anything! Just looking at the photos is a feast! (We've been to Mellon Udrigle - shame to put a wind turbine there)

Fee said...

I don't often comment, but must say your windows do sparkle - I thought goodness you are blogging about clean windows and oh yes, for once I was correct! Anyway, I am guilty of not commenting and this must stop right now, as you are providing so many beautiful images of exactly where we go on holiday every year! Yes! We go to Ullapool and Clasnessie every year all the way from Somerset and to be able to see photos from our loved north west shores such as yours is treat, especially as I am now having some foul chemotherapy - so thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hello Annie,

No need to apologise!I was just making sure nothing bad was going to creep in under the radar by informing all people nearby of the plans. A cautious mission success must also be reported as an astonishing 80 objections (some of which were representing more than one objection)were lodged in less than 1 week. Quite remarkable.

I hope you now continue to do your vital bit by continuing to publish the wonderful photos of the area for all to see.

Many thanks,


PS through the link you posted anyone can find the longer list of objections via another associated application.

Lori ann said...

annie! i could never get enough of peeking around where you live, it's true, it's exotic because it's so different from where we live. and it's just so amazingly beautiful.
your painting is amazing too, please share your art work, and don't point out (percieved) flaws, i WISH i could paint that well. i love what you've done.
i think you have a knitting colorwork project waiting for you now! those pins do look like a good idea, and the colors of your wool are lovely. nice shiny windows to frame perfect views. have a great day dear.
x lori

Christine Laennec said...

Hello again Annie - have you seen Frankie Brown's wonderful patterns for knitting up small scraps of wool? "Ten Stitch Twist" and "Ten Stitch Blanket". I believe the patterns are free on Ravelry, if you join Ravelry.

kristieinbc said...

Thank you so much for the clothes peg idea for the bits of leftover yarn! I have been knitting for ages and have never come across that idea before!

I just found your blog and am looking forward to reading it.

rachel said...

Er.... where do your drains lead to now??

Your house is so lovely, and the setting is heart-stoppingly lovely. You are excused from regular blogging, so long as you send us a photo now and again.

old_black said...

I'm with Christine....the exotic nature of your life keeps me interested (I love living vicariously through you). My emphatically urban life is such a contrast.

I also always enjoy your photographs very much. You have some great material to work with, but your creative perspective provides a great enhancement.

And wind turbines are controversial everywhere! It's inherent in the concept really. A massive solar array isn't exactly a thing of beauty either.

Linda said...

Shiny windows are a big achievement, especially at this time of year!

Lucille said...

I've been losing the thread too. So glad you came back, you would leave a big hole in my bookmarks list. I like your paintings and the cropped one is very effective.

The Village Queen said...

Well to you your live is normal and maybe boring, but to me across the world, living in a city without much natural beauty around, your just being able to take a walk down the lane to get your mail is fun to look at. Such a beautiful area to live in, the most everyday things must be richer with all that surrounding you. And the progress on the house has been interesting too, how things are done differently there than where I am, what you have changed and decorated is fun to see too. So what are you knitting? Cute idea with the clothes pin. So keep on sharing the boring bits, I enjoy them! Merry Christmas!

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