Sunday 9 February 2014

Talking about the weather

It would be silly to say it doesn't rain here. But overall this tiny little patch in the North West of Scotland hasn't fared badly. It's been very windy at times. The weather arrives and leaves with great flourish! I feel sorry for  the misery that is caused due to the weather further south. Some of the pictures we've seen in the news have been unbelievable. 


ADRIAN said...

Only a few more months till spring.
The fist image is beautiful. said...

Beautiful photographs as usual making us feel very jealous of the wonderful place you live in!!

Weather hasn't been too bad in this part of Surrey, lost a couple of fence panels.

Yesterday we were coming back from visiting Phil's dad in his nursing home and just as we passed Dorking cemetery there was a wonderful rainbow, going down where his mum and sister are buried!!

Phil is at the Harwell Amateur radio rally today, do you do any radio now??

Love Jackie in Surrey, UK.xx

ju-north said...

Beautiful photos! Whatever the weather it looks good!

A Garden of Threads said...

I am sliding into spring, which does not arrive for many weeks. But I dream anyway.

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