Wednesday 12 February 2014

Yesterday and Today

Come on. Get your shoes on. I know you've done this walk before, but it's only down the lane and back, and it's a nice morning. Past the old shed that hangs on by a thread, and that silly sheep hiding behind a stick. It's a bit 'nippy'  but the sun is shining and Spring is in the air.
Now, aren't you glad you came on that walk yesterday! The weather today has changed. We might not need wellie boots yet to get about, but we had to put on our 'Yaktrax' to get up the drive this morning. It wasn't thick snow but what there was very frozen and slippery.


ADRIAN said...

It's a great place to live. of course you need anti ice stretch ons. Old socks do the same job in extremis.
Lovely pictures.

ju-north said...

Hope you won't be hit by the strong winds. Take care!

Mac n' Janet said...

Love your photos, changeable weather for sure. We had sunshine and warm temperatures on Monday and cold rain and freezing temperatures since then. Looking forward to sprin.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous photos - I love the falling down shed - and of course the sheepies! Fortunately our snow didn't last, but we have had a cold wind today.

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