Tuesday 4 November 2014


It's been a very soggy wishy washy wet overcast sort of day. Tomorrow will be cold and sunny - we shall see
It's a perfect morning for kicking about on the shore
A little boat,tethered to an old weathered tree covered in sea weed, waits for the tide to turn 
And, yes, I agree it is a bit on the gloomy side but staying indoors because of the weather I would never see this wealth of colour at my feet sparkling and glinting in the drizzle. 
Water and trees tumble over the edge. It's all so higgledy piggledy. I love it. Chaos reigns here! 
Autumn leaves and sea weed combine to form a deep spongy carpet
slippery rock faces, splashing and dripping water
An abundance of light and colour tucked away in the chaotic undergrowth
I wanted to take this piece of wood home with me, but it was too heavy and very very wet and soggy.


Lori ann said...

i love it too! how beautiful and organic, such a color palette it would make for a fair isle sweater!

ADRIAN said...

The little waterfall is a beauty.

ju-north said...

Beautiful! the colour is still there if we have eyes to see it!

Lucille said...

I can smell that wet earth from here. I loved the varnished yellow seaweed. You might have had to spray that log to preserve its colours.

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