Monday 15 August 2016

For Janne! Hoffs on Holiday

I am so sorry. What can I say? The biggest blogging break ever! I've so many missed posts but have decided just to jump in and start with our holiday to Copenhagen back in June. My poor sister in law has been waiting since then for me to post these holiday photos on my blog. Sorry Janne! Here we go
We stayed on a house boat in south Copenhagen
It was very big
Not really like a boat at all
and there was plenty of room for eight of us. Us, our three grown children and their partners
We met up with Niels' nephew and girlfriend
and used the bikes that were included in with our holiday boat
And as with most large groups of people we spent a lot of time standing
or parking our bikes
or re-grouping and adjusting ourselves
or taking things in and out of rucksacks
We went to the Design Museum 
and I saw some plates I liked
and a light, just like one we've got at home!
One of our party enjoyed playing with their bus ticket
at every available opportunity 
and doing silly walks when they hadn't got a bus ticket
We sat down by the harbour and had a beer
and enjoyed watching Denmark go by.
We walked with our bikes
And went to the Tivoli for a lot more standing around while we decided who wanted to go on the rides and who wanted to just sit down
like me!
We walked past the Hall of Mirrors
Excuse me Jo! But I think this one is a normal mirror!
We had a lovely lunch with Aunty Janne and Soren
and Niels showed he could still remember how to dry up
The boys did a barbecue and we we came out on deck when the smoke finally died down
It was a wonderful fun and happy holiday. We laughed lots...mainly at one another and I'm hoping we can do it all again before too long. 
And I'm going to set myself a target of posting something everyday on here, even if it's only one picture. I shall do it until the end of this month to kick start myself again! I don' want to give up but it's unbelievably hard to start again once you stop for a while! Sorry to any one who still follows my blog!


Diane said...

What a lovely time you have had! The houseboat looked fantastic! I'm so glad that you have had such a super family break. You deserve a great time. Please don't worry about not blogging. I've missed you but you are always well worth the wait & we followers mustn't be greedy! Welcome back & lots of love, Di XX.

Mac n' Janet said...

Your vacation looks amazing, a houseboat, what fun. And how wonderful to have all your family together. Welcome back I look forward to your posts.

Lucille said...

Still here and glad to see you back. So many blogs have fallen silent or announced their closure recently.

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