Tuesday 23 October 2007

A scientificaly controlled percolation test..!

Dig 3 holes 1 foot square 1 foot deep fill with water and go and have lunch

sit at the bottom of the garden....enjoy the view and

talk on the telephone for hours if necessary. Eventually go back and peer into the holes. Eventually go home and hope that by the the following day most if not all of the water will have drained away which it's meant to do in less than 7 hours - less than 100 secs per 1 mm drop or something like that
The following day..!
I can see why they line canal beds with clay. This means we may have to rethink our wastewater solution. We want to use Puraflo a system which has been recomended to us and approved by SEPA

Meanwhile the sheep carry on happily percolating all over the garden!

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Anonymous said...

very interesting, thanks

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