Saturday 6 October 2007

The Shed

I wanted to write about the shed but it isn't so easy when writing a blog and wanting to sound both informative and interesting! We went to Dundonnell Timber

" Located on the vast and beautiful Dundonnell Estate. A narrow single track road off the A832 (centrally located between Ullapool and Gairloch) The road meanders 7 delightful miles west to Badrallach, over the 18th century hump back bridge and through a romantic little strath on the north side of Little Loch broom.
Passing by the Mansion House (1767) with its magnificent 19th century rubble walled garden and 20th century glass house and aviary the road winds along an avenue of beech and sweet chestnut above the river and continues through tranquil woodlands"

Not like driving to Homebase

They were so kind and helped us load up the trailer with shed. It took two trips of 36 miles each, (they don't do deliveries) but we got a shed and a half

Home again, reversing into the garden - whoops

Down to work, well someone has to

"Why don't you come up and see me sometime?" Some of us just messed about

The base. We dug up some old boots and some bags of cement. Our garden has been used as a general dumping ground. I've found an off licence worth of empty whisky bottles! I suppose in isolated country areas without council rubbish tips nearby it was/is the norm ?

Half a shed

It looks easy, but it weighed a ton and was difficult lifting the sides into place

About here we realised ladders would have been helpful, but eventually with the help of a Murdo, a kind neighbour who came by on his tractor and shoved the roof into place almost single handedly we got it finished - apart from the roof felting. It felt hugely satisfying to have worked on our little bit of Letters and who knows if the house doesn't come along, the shed has lots of potential!

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