Thursday 11 December 2008

A Bunch of Packers

The most wonderful thing about friends, is that they show up when you most need it and lend a
hand and do the things you otherwise would have struggled to get done on time. They made a huge difference to getting the truck packed efficiently and in some sort of order. Thank you chaps and chapess, we just couldn't have done it without you.

A week ago we drove to Manchester and picked up an enormous lorry. It was 7.50 tons but seemed at least twice the size. And even bigger as we drove it to London and negotiated narrow side streets in an effort to find some friends we had invited ourselves to stay with in Kingston. Friday evening, driving in the dark, uncertain of the length and width of the vehicle, turning round in peoples driveways, clipping wing mirrors, hitting lamp posts, while negotiating a divorce settlement and wondering whose crazy idea it was to even contemplate attempting to move ourselves in a large truck is not something to be recommended and I don't want to do it again!
On Monday morning after recovering with said friends and several bottles of wine and good food we drove in slightly dented lorry to the out skirts of Guildford in Surrey and started the packing!
We had coffee and mince pies thoughtfully provided by Pauline
And after just over three hours we stuffed the truck with all our worldly goods
It crossed my mind that the end result looked similar to the stuff you take to the tip and I wondered why we had it in storage for the last two years!
On Tuesday we started the long slow drive back to Scotland, stopping overnight in Lancaster. The lorry had a speed restrictor on it which while good for our furniture made driving tedious and slow.
Today we had more help in unpacking the lorry and getting all the furniture and boxes in to the house. No pictures I'm afraid I was just to tired to even go and hunt out the camera. Tomorrow we drive the lorry back down to Manchester to celebrate Robin's birthday. Our son will be thirty tomorrow!
And guess what - still no electricity or water. We have officially moved in to the house. The electrician says he's coming tomorrow and the plumber (the new plumber) came yesterday and says he'll be back. But hey....what's electricity and water when I've got my red shoes back, all my saucepans, drawing books and rotary clothes line!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to your new home with all the familar things. Hope you get the utilities sorted tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing the photographs of the furniture etc... in the house.

I am sure it will be a great Christmas and New year for you both!!

Love Jackie.

PS My daughter Jill, was 30 in March, Have a great time celebrating the 30 years since you gave life to another and what a great mum and dad you have both been!!

Anonymous said...

I love your red shoes :o)They're the best red shoes ever! Congratulations on moving into your gorgeous new home. Have a brilliant weekend with Bob, Jo, Ollie and everybody else. Me and Dan will be thinking of you all and can't wait to see you and toast all that you've achieved. And, we don't mind doing it by candle light or if you smell a little bit. Well done. Lots and lots of love Em x x x x x x x x x

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