Wednesday 17 December 2008

Horray for Hughie!

I forgot to mention a most important point! When we came back from Manchester on Sunday (14th Dec.) our electrician Hughie had finished the second fix on the electricity and hooked us up to the mains. We may not have water yet but life is slowly becoming normal again. Niels is able to rustle up tasty little suppers (or is that my job?!) We have an induction hob which is brilliant.It's almost impossible to keep up with the speed it boils stuff, it seems even quicker than gas - is that possible?
Seriously, electricity is a huge step nearer to completion on the house. When we turned on the heat exchange system it worked! No one was more surprised than us. It simply heats air coming into the house by air going out. The house is so well insulated that even lighting produces heat.
All the weeks taping up and sealing holes made in the plastic membrane seemed to have paid off. We will save enormous amounts on oil and other forms of heating

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