Wednesday 17 December 2008

This has to happen!

A week ago, maybe less, on the 12th Dec. we turned our empty truck around and headed back to Manchester. We celebrated Robin's 30th Birthday feeling very old, jigging about to tunes we didn't quite recognise but nevertheless feeling very grateful to have been included and to meet some of his friends.A comment on the blog from a friend saying they were looking forward to seeing rooms with furniture. We can, and will do better than this, but for the time being this is what we look at each morning, wondering how we can fit it all in, where it can go, and do we really want it?
I'm on count down. This will never be organised in time for Christmas
Our children arrive on the 22nd. Our friends to celebrate the New year arrive on the 29th. The plumber is coming tomorrow! I'm desperate, but reasonably confident, (I think) that we will have plumbing by then. I do hope so. I've had crossed legs, and everything else for so long now. This just has to fall into place next week - otherwise I'm giving up!

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