Friday 6 March 2009

Band practice

Thursday afternoon is band practice. Niels is a drummer, a tapping on table tops sort of person. It didn't take him long to track down possibly, the only contemporary jazz band in the Highlands! They've only just started playing together and yesterday afternoon they met at our house. And on that note, I rolled up the corner tape and headed for the hills!
The following photos were all taken yesterday afternoon, over a distance of some 25 miles, and show the enormous diversity of weather. They say if you don't like the weather here, wait ten minutes, alternatively drive down the road!

These deer were along way off, and consequently out of focus. I'm looking for a new camera, but that's another blog!

This one was a lot nearer - and warned his mates that an old deer of the human variety was coming over the hill


Anonymous said...

We've started counting down the days and really really really can't wait to come and see you. It's going to be a brilliant weekend. Also very pleased to hear about Niels' new band. I thought that life life in the highlands would be quiet but it's clearly not. Seeing the sun out like it is in your photos reminds of last year and priming the whole of the outside of your house - it's nearly a year ago - you've achieved so much since. We're still keen to come and finish the job off and paint it white - just let us know when you're ready and we can assemble the team (including Dodo and his monster muscles for putting up scaffolding). Two weeks to go til we see you - hurrah! Lots and lots of love Em + Dan + (getting rather large now) bump xxxxxx

annie hoff said...

I'm excited to em - really looking forward to you all being here, hope we get some sunshine! re: painting - we have just learnt we should have applied white paint within month of the primer!!! how awful is that?!
Two weeks until your visit - I WILL have the guest room finished by then! Take care, give 'bump' a pat from me xx

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, thats terrible but sort of funny when you think about our achey arms and stingy eyes. I guess all it means that the team will just have to come up twice in not very long so don't worry :o) 13 days to go....... x x x x x x

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