Tuesday 17 March 2009

Finished, almost!

I've been busy! After much corner taping, sanding down and painting I've produced (in terms of decorating at least) the most finished room in the house - the guest room! Ok, there are still no floors or skirting board and the door frames need painting, but apart from that this is a finished room!
Oh, and the mirror has to be hung on the wall too! I need to buy a length of chain when I'm next in Inverness.
Sometimes when I get a bit despondent and think nothing is coming on and the house will never be finished I have to remind myself that this was our house a year ago almost to the day; still packed on a lorry! I took this photo (hopping up and down with excitement) on March 13th last year. The driver parked in a lay-by just before the turn into Letters while he studied the feasibility of maneuvering a huge lorry up a single track lane with passing places, that ends in a field with a not very large turning point
But he made it and so did the house!
Can one be proud of window sills? Well, I'm proud of these. I sanded down between coats and used a pad to apply the paint, and I think I've managed a superb egg shell finish, free of brush streaks, almost!

I've just heard the weather forecast and looked out of the window - I hate these dull, cloudy overcast days!


Anonymous said...

Well done, so much in a year. I am sure you and the guests don't look at the painting etc... but the marvellous views, which I love seeing photographs of, please keep them coming.

I love your sheep ornaments.

We have great Spring weather here for the time being!!

Love to you both, Phil & Jackie.

Anonymous said...

You have flying buttresses like us Ann, what happens muggins here bangs his head on them sometimes.

annie hoff said...

Good morning Phil
Ouch...sounds like you could use your motor cycle helmet in doors!

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