Tuesday 14 April 2009

Camera happy

Family came visiting at Easter. Robin (son) and Janne (Niels' sister) took a million photos in Inverewe Garden.
 There were amazing plants. Triffids and 'things' with unpronounceable names
A Robin studying Lichen growing on trees
enjoying the view
and, looking for worms maybe?
The Azalea Garden, although maybe we'd moved on by then. Inervewe Garden is well worth a visit if you happen to be passing!
The following day with camera batteries recharged we set off north for  Kylescu
Jo (daughter) joined us. She has been busy writing her dissertation but took time off for a couple of photos!
Even Niels left his office for the great outdoors!
and it truly is a beautiful place.
Violets and primroses grow in profusion

 This was maybe the best view. The hotel restaurant was open!
 and on the journey home, the last photo opportunity

the sun setting at the end of a beautiful day.


Anonymous said...

Hello nice to see Robin, I remember him as a wee lad on job experience many many years ago Ann.



annie hoff said...

Yes, it does make me feel very old! Robin was 30 in December. I don't understand where the time goes!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, looks like you've had a brilliant Easter xx Em

annie hoff said...

Hello Em!
You should have been there - we missed you! Thank you for my lovely sheep soap and matches. I have a card to send you but keep forgetting! x

Louisette passion retriever, cat, memory Katanga said...

Lovely view highland.
Greeting from belgium
Have a nice spring 's day

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