Friday 3 April 2009

A missed lunch and a portrait.

Tony paid us a flying visit last weekend. A very old friend from the other Brookwood, deep down in the south where they have shops and airports and stations.  We drove him miles to a very nice hotel/restaurant in Kylesku specialising in fish. When we arrived they had just stopped serving lunch!  We had a drink and a packet of chicken flavoured crisps and agreed, looking at the menu that it all looked very tasty!
Tony brought a picture of Lamb Chop for us (our resident sheep with an eating disorder) that his daughter Sophie had drawn. All I've done is added a little colour to Sophie's original drawing using photoshop.

And Lamb Chop herself! I think Sophie captured the "Have you got anything to eat?" expression extremely well. I haven't shown the drawing to Lamb Chop, I think she'd see it as something to eat - a new type of biscuit or something
Sophie also sent instructions on how she managed to achieve such an accurate picture
Brilliant Soph. Thank you very much.

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