Tuesday 28 April 2009


Friends arrived last week from the deep south - where by all accounts it's warm and sunny.It's sunny here today, but that's because our friends have gone back to Surrey and Sussex! 
It wasn't exactly freezing for their visit, but at times it was a wee bit chilly. We walked over Ullapool hill and admired the view - the bit that we could see. 
We walked into Ullapool 
 and ambled along, and chatted
No, These aren't our friends. These chaps hung around on Shore street while we ate our fish and chips. We sat on the new benches overlooking the harbour, wishing it could be just a bit warmer
Later we paid a visit to Ullapool Museum
There was a slide show showing the land and the people around Ullapool.
 Originally the museum was a Thomas Telford parliamentary church. Built in 1829 it still contains the old pews and pulpit.
  There is also an exhibition on "Lochbroom Lives" The museum shelves (and pews) are full of archives and local reference material.
A schoolroom from days gone by. I think he's just passed his pet spider to this little girl, he's certainly up to no good. Whatever he's done she looks a bit distraught and it's made her hair go wrong.
And their teacher is too busy reading the 'Ullapool News' to notice!
We also managed a climb up  Stac Pollaidh but I didn't have my camera with me; however  here is one I did  earlier when Robin came to stay.
And now our friends have left and life has returned to less eating and drinking! Talking of eating, I nearly forgot!  One of the 'finds' of  our friends visiting, was the discovery of Lochinver pies! On our way down from Stac Pollaidh Michael worked up a ferocious appetite for a pork pie!  Pork pies we didn't find but Lochinver Larder satisfied Michaels cravings, producing pies with suculent meaty fillings encased  in light pastry.  The verdict was "delicious!"

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