Thursday 16 July 2009

No mean feet!

Feet up!
I joined a drawing group - I may have mentioned it. "Everyday Matters" The idea is to draw everyday stuff. There is a list on the Everyday Matters website (they've recently moved to Facebook) of things for you to draw - everyday things. You then post your drawing/s either on to the website or on to Flickr, a photography based website.
Well - I haven't done that yet, I keep meaning to. The thing is, the nearest things for me to draw when I sit down in the evening are my feet, and they really are very everyday - constantly everyday I'd say!
I did draw a lemon the other evening, but that was a bit out of my comfort zone!
Sometimes I draw other things - the occasional thumb!
I don't draw in pencil and consequently don't rub out 'gone wrong' bits. I use a scratchy old drawing pen which  clogs up and tears the paper. I have to shake it at times to revive the ink flow, sometimes the ink goes on the table/floor/arm of the chair. I don't have long toe nails, neither blue nor bright red nail polish, nor do I  have swollen ankles or one foot bigger than the other - that's artistic licence!
I should like to show Everyday Matters that I can draw other things, but somehow, feet are so handy!

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