Sunday 12 July 2009


We've had friends staying, and it's been a perfect time to be out and about with them - just like I was on holiday myself! There was no chance they could spend time on their own and I tagged around with them having a thoroughly nice time!  When they arrived Niels was down in London, he has been very busy of late, and I devoted my time to showing them the hills the mountains and the lochs.
Day 1. This is loch a Bhraoin. At the end of the loch and just before the rough track disappears into the remote hills
there is an empty cottage, recently renovated, and used by the hunting and fishing fraternity. I think it's owned by the Inverbroom estate, but I'm not sure.
                     There is also a bothy with a proper flushing loo, a rare find when hill walking!
We saw a bird in the distance flying low over the water that we couldn't identify even with the help of a bird book, a sandpiper maybe? either that or we've discovered a new bird.
                                                             A common spotted orchid
 Day 3. (On day 2 I left my camera behind!) We went down to Poolewe and almost opposite Inverewe Garden lies Loch Kernsary. We didn't have time to complete the walk, but it looked possible to get all the way round the loch and the views as always were quite beautiful - worth a return trip
 This cottage, situated near where the walk started, wasn't particularly relevant, but I liked it for the oldy, worldly cottagey higgledy-piggledy way of the garden.
This was out at Rhue Lighthouse on the last evening of our friends stay - just before they managed to shake me off! It was around 9.30pm and the sun was still relatively high in the sky. On sunny days when there isn't much cloud cover it stays light until 11.00, and even then doesn't seem to get really dark.
We made  l  o  n  g  shadows. The fourth shadow is Niels who made it home again! and actually I think the fifth shadow might be the car. It was great to have friends to stay and I was sorry when they left to continue their holiday a little further to the south of us near Pitlochry - quietly!


Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhhh it's all so beautiful and I want to make long shadows with you :o( Lots of love to you and Niels xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Em

annie hoff said...

Dear Em, you can come and make shadows whenever you like - Olek would make the littlest long shadow! He's beautiful - i love his latest photos on facebook. He'd like it here I'm sure xx

Anonymous said...

Olek is now a whole 57cm long but yes, he probably would make the littlest long shadow :o) He will more than like it there - I know that he will absolutely love it, just like his Mummy and Daddy do! I hope to be in touch soon with some possible dates to come and see you, just waiting to see when Dan can take annual leave - woo hoo it's exciting xxxxxxxxxx

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