Monday 2 November 2009

Monday Morning

There was a lot of weather in Ullapool this morning.

It followed me home
 I stopped the car opposite the house on the lochside

and watched as the rain slowly but surely travelled up the loch in unhurried but determined manner. I stepped out of the car and took some photos. The rain passed me by with inches to spare.

  On it went up the head of the loch and beyond
 The sun shone where moments before there had been rain. The excess water thundered off the hillside in cascades of silver ribbons

Looking back towards Ullapool the next weather front was heading up the loch

And, if all that excitement wasn't enough, within moments of arriving home a large noisy flock of fieldfares settled on the surrounding trees
 I rushed for the bird book, binoculars and camera lens - some people have all these things to hand, not us.  The birds waited patiently while I identified them. Towards the left of the picture and down a bit  is a redwing, often seen in the company of fieldfares. These birds will have spent the summer in north and eastern Europe and are now coming south for the winter.


Diane said...

What fantastic photos! I love the birds too! Lucky you! Take care & keep blogging. Love Di x

Lucille said...

Weather and birds. I couldn't be happier.

Anonymous said...

have often wondered if you can see your house from the Ullapool road. Visit quite often to see family and often wonder just where you are.

annie hoff said...

Hello Anonymous! Yes, you can see our house from the Ullapool road. I often look at it as I drive by and wonder what I'd do if I saw flames, or a burglar at the window! If you email me I'll happily give you a more precise location - assuming you're not a burglar that is!

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