Thursday 19 November 2009

Walking the plank!

Yesterday the flooring arrived. It looked tiny on a large lorry and I wondered if Niels had got the calculations wrong!

It was exciting. Had we made the right choice? It wasn't what we went looking for, but once seen agreed it was that or nothing - and as we've had nothing on the floor for quite a while I really felt it was time we made a decision. 

We carried it in. I was ever so keen to lay it immediately. But it must stay at room temperature for a week to ten days acclimatising and  getting used to its new surroundings.

But I have had a little poke about and unpacked one or two planks, and played at pretend flooring and tried to imagine how it will look when it's laid properly.

We made the right choice. It's warm and mellow. Smoked oak. Each knot is filled by hand. It has a  rustic look. The grain is grey, it will match the decor perfectly!

I can't wait to have floor. It was more than our budget  but we've compromised and the hall, stairs and upstairs rooms (all the other rooms in the house basically!) will have to wait until next year. We are driving to London in the morning and plan to be away for a week. Then on our return the floor laying operation should get underway.


Diane said...

Delighted that you will have a beautiful floor for Christmas! I really like the look of it too! Have a good time in London. tkae care. Di x

Emily said...

Oh my goodness Ann it's gorgeous! It's going to make your home even more beautiful. How exciting :o) Hope you had a good trip south. I'm going to see if I can catch you on skype this week. I've been meaning to for ages but either haven't had my make-up on or haven't had a minute. Vain, so vain. Lots of love Em xxx

annie hoff said...

Hello Em and Diane!
The plan is to start laying the floor this coming weekend!
The trip down south was lovely and great to see so many friends and family - sorry I didn't get to Woking or Yorkshire. It was lovely to come home again too! xx

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